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Che Guevara May Day speech

In Havana, the May Day celebration begins the night before, and a speech at that time by Guevara soon became a tradition. The selections here are from his speech of April 30, 1963, at the Garcia Lorca Theatre. The meeting, honouring Cuba’s outstanding workers and technicians for the year 1962, was held under the joint auspices of the Cuban Confederation of Labour-Revolutionary (CTC~R) and the Ministry of Industry, which Guevara headed.


We meet once again, on the eve of the International Workers’ Festival, to honour those compañeros who have distinguished themselves by their efforts in the service of production for our country, in the service of the noble cause of the building of socialism, as vanguard workers in each of the different enterprises into which our Ministry is divided.

During the twelve months of the past year, we have had periodic talks with those compañeros who, month by month by their dedication to their work, excelled among all the workers in our enterprises.
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