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Was Che Guevara good or bad?

Some view Che Guevara as a hero.

For example, Nelson Mandela referred to him as “an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom” while Jean-Paul Sartre described him as “not only an intellectual but also the most complete human being of our age.”

Che Guevara remains a beloved national hero to many in his adopted Cuba, where his image adorns the $3 Cuban Peso and school children begin each morning by pledging “We will be like Che.”

In his native homeland of Argentina, where high schools bear his name, numerous Che museums dot the country, which in 2008 unveiled a 12 foot bronze statue of him in his birth city of Rosario. Additionally, Guevara has been sanctified by some Bolivian campesinos as “Saint Ernesto”, to whom they pray for assistance.

Conversely, others view him as a spokesman for a failed ideology and as a ruthless executioner. Detractors have theorized that in much of Latin America, Che-inspired revolutions had the practical result of reinforcing brutal militarism and internecine conflict for many years. Che Guevara remains a hated figure amongst many in the Cuban exile community, who view him with animosity as “the butcher of La Cabaña.”

A high-contrast monochrome graphic of his face has become one of the world’s most universally merchandized and objectified images, found on an endless array of items, including t-shirts, hats, posters, tattoos, and bikinis, ironically contributing to the consumer culture he despised. Yet, Che Guevara still remains a transcendent figure both in specifically political contexts and as a wide-ranging popular icon of youthful rebellion.

What do you think, we want to know ?



I think in general Che was a good guy, had good intentions but it may have not turned out as smooth as it should have gone.

Fulgencio Batista was pretty bad at the time and change was needed and Che and Fidel the rest removed him from power. There were many situations during that time frame and some results were not good. But I do believe Che had good intentions overall and did want to help the Cubans be independent.

So my vote is good !!

abdur rahman

well i will say he was great person with full of integrity & sincerity as for as i know,there are no words that can praise che…….one of my favourite person.


Marvin g, on ne fait pas une révolution telle que la cubaine avec des oeillets au bout des fusils. Mais de là à dire que le Che a tiré des balles dans la nuque des enfants… Vous êtes, au mieux, un malade, ou, au pire, un fieffé menteur. Vous n’avez pas plus gros à balancer?
Hasta siempre, Che! Viva la Revolucion cubana!


Only someone who knows nothing about Ernesto “Che” would say he was good or wear his likeness. He was a mass murderer, rapist, child killer, psycho.

Mandeep Singh Sidhu

For those interested in learning more on Che Guevara: You can read the 3 major Guevara biographies:
(1) Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson
(2) Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara by Jorge G. Castaneda
(3) Guevara, Also Known as Che by Paco Ignacio Taibo II

PS –

* As for the often repeated “he shot a 12 year old” (sometimes it’s listed as 14 as well) usually found on conservative blog posts, that is not included in any reliable biography, but derives from a Dec 28, 1997 Letter to the Editor at the El Nuevo Herald – written by a Cuban exile who claims to have been a former prisoner and claims to have seen it (hardly a reliable source).

** I would be wary of self published advocacy sites like “The Real Cuba” or the hyperbolic writings of the polemicist Humberto Fontova who’s research and scholarship are not seen as credible on the topic. Remember, just because someone writes it, doesn’t make it true. I would reall sy after reading those books that he was a Hero.


It’s all too easy to judge Che solely on the “crimes” he committed during and in the aftermath of the ’59-revolution. He was well educated and had seen the suffering of the Latin American people, mainly due to the oppression of major USA lead companies. On Cuba he saw the suffering of the Cuban people, due to the USA supported Batiste regime. Every war has its cruelties and the people that commits them. I certainly would not plee for ‘not guilty’ regarding Che. It may have been a small price in the eyes of millions of liberated Cubans. Having said that, I do think Che wasn’t really realistic about the possibility of changing the world to a better place; the universal man will never exist. So, about the question: I feel Ernesto was actually a good guy.


The executioner of Fidel Castro was a ‘good guy’?


The executioner for Fidel Castro was a ‘good guy?’
in my opinion, he had become arrogant and godlike in his quest to create a new breed of people folded in his ideological fashion


many people have different opinions on this guy but generally he was a freedom revolutionist with good intentions…maybe some just saw that he was a killer. i understand why they called him a butcher;he was responsible for many lives but then again this was a kind of an awaking to the world of Marxist revolutions.


Apparently no one knows the extent of what Castro and Guevara did. They may have started their regime by ridding Cuba of something bad(Batista and corrupt associates) but that doesn’t make them good people. None of the few good things they did change the fact that Che was a butcher, and they both were a cause for so much unnecessary pain. And freeing Cuba? Are you kidding me? Sure, they freed Cuba from Batista, but do some research. Cuba’s not all happiness and paradise these days. I still have family in Cuba that can’t get out and only survive off of the $100 my uncle sends each week. Saying “Che was a good guy, had good intentions but it may have not turned out as smooth as it should have gone” is like saying the same for Hitler on a smaller scale. This article makes me sick.

Charles Kaltwasser

was Che “good” or “bad”? You had two huge mutli media presentations previously to his fame, i.e. the Hitler Art and the Einstein Art. The Atom Bomb was artwork and so was Nuremburg Rallies. Che was simply an artist as well, picking up the crumbs left by Hitler and Einstein and he did what he could with those crumbs. I first heard of him in July 1968 so my comment is based on many hours contemplating his worth and lack there of. If there are people 1,000 years hence and I have my doubts – he will be remembered but so will Sigmund Freud, Carl Marx and Carl Jung etc…


I think Che was and is a real hero and a light in the of tunnel for everyone who are struggling to be free. in the midst of disappointment and sorrow, Che becomes a guiding star and ray of hope towards success. He was the only person who truly cared for people. He was a honest man with strong discipline who never sold out and he never got corrupted with money.


Apparently one has to consider many things in “judging” someone. The US killed tens of thousands with 2 A-bombs. The US ravaged Iraq to destroy non-existent WDMs. The US interned Japanese-Americans. The US was responsible for killing thousands in Central American during the Iran-Contra fiasco. Viet Nam a good action? Even the so-called untouchables are rotten to the core.

that one guy

Che’s the best


I read everything about his life,and most books about him.He Is also Adored by Cuba people(I was there 12 years ago),even among non
communist-Catholic. I Totally Agree with Jean Paul Sartre about Him,being the Most Perfect Human Being,at least in 20th century.Indeed,I believe He was a Saint,despite not practicing Religion. Those who He Killed,were
those who deserved it. He Shall live through history as ICON of Freedom


i believe about him,he was the best, he remembered also now, che guevara will be the symbol of revolution forever


He was a murdering incompetent who earned his place in Hell.


He liberated the Cubans? Hardly, he more likely moved them from one oppression to another. They don’t live in a truly free society. Liberty is one without constraints. He hated black people and called them inferior. He also called for the arrest and execution of gay people. This makes him neither a liberator or a hero.

saleque khan

why only one che in the world,why not millions of che in the world?


che was good!!!!!!!!!!!


I admire Che and appreciate his complexity. Neither a saint nor demon he was a man committed to his principles and willing to die for them. He was educated and intellectual, and believed that education is the key to raising people out of oppression. In Cuba there is a reported 100% literacy rate. As for his brutality, I believe that he took the steps he felt were necessary to ensure the revolution would endure against the formidable power of the US. And guess what – it appears to have worked. The US has never been able to again exploit Cuba or the Cuban people, so they settle for maintaining an embargo that keeps people in poverty and purposely interferes with progress, including the medical progress and missions that Cuba is famous for. The US retaliates against countries, companies and banking institutions that do wish to have trade relations with Cuba, sort of the international equivalent of the schoolyard bully. When in Cuba I stay with friends and talk as much as possible about their ideas on life in Cuba, the ideals of the revolution and the future. As in any country there are different views, but to say that Cubans are simply victims of an oppressive government and powerless to help themselves is to really misunderstand the people. I have observed a pride and endurance that is unequalled, and I have no doubt that if they wanted to “be like Che” and overthrow an oppressive government they would certainly be capable of it. As for Che, he died with nothing material, but the hope that we would continue the fight against suffering, exploitation and oppression in whatever way we can. As he said: “Be realistic – demand the impossible”.


If Che was a “good guy” then so was Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others who were cut from the same cloth. Some of their intentions may have been based on noble ideals and motives, but their tactics and their actions were unethical, brutal, horrendous, murderous, and amounted to terrible crimes against humanity. Che was nothing more than a philosophical thug.


He certainly wrote up and spoke an interesting ideology. Sadly a thorough reading of his actual exploits seems to point to a man who was a psychopath, a sloth, utterly incompetant both as a commander and as a government minister, and in moments of actual danger, a coward. What he stood for may certainly be seen as noble, but in the end he was just another badly flawed human being who did nothing worthy of genuine note. When he died, despite what they might have said in public, I sincerely believe that even his closet allies smiled a little smile in private and breathed a sigh of relief.


To judge any person completely there must be the ability to engender all of his or her actions and thoughts into an entire picture with objectivity. Given what I have read and understood, Che Guevara attempted to ascend to the nobility of becoming the man of and for the people, yet all pursuits are wrought with uncertainty. Political pursuits will infinitely find the deaths of many innocent people. The history of every country is laced with blood very much blood including and not exclusive to the United States. To say that Che was good or bad is unrealistic. What does come to mind is the cliche’ “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. In this world in which we live, no one is innocent. No one.

I think he was initially good, good intentions and as things turned to shit, he did what he felt he had to do, but again with the final goal of freeing Cuba.


Che was a sub-human pig who murdered hundreds of innocent people.
When he was not executing innocents he was raping women in front of their families.
He was a downright idiot in regards to any sort of leadership abilities, he actually believed in the failure of Marxism, and to this day all of Latin America pays for that mistake.
He begged for his awful, sociopathic life before he himself was shot.
The fact that there are people who actually consider him a human even worth breathing Earth’s air is sickening, let alone an actual good person. It’s akin to people wearing T-shirts of Hitler, Mao, Stalin and many other awful people just on a smaller scale.


Ernesto “Che” Guevara was a punk. I find it hard to believe that even now some still sing the praises of this killer. Cuba, under Batista, was the economic envy of every Latin American country. It’s economy was second only to the U.S. in the western hemisphere. After the revolution the economy was devestated thanks to Castro putting Guevara in charge. I am no fan of Batista or his policies but Cuba got screwed big time when the Castro brothers came to power and brought their Argentinian thug (Che) with them. I do think that Fidel Castro had Guevara figured out and merely used him like a tool to do what he needed done and then sent him Bolivia to get burned by the CIA. The book that John Lee Anderson wrote is complete BS. It was heavily edited by the Castro government showing only the “best” of Che. Remember that Che worked under Castro and any bad that Che would have done would have looked bad for Castro. If you want an actual Cuban view of Che read, “Exposing The Real Che Guevara” by Humberto Fontova. His data comes directly from those who fled the Castro regime and fought back against him.

Sadly, I believe Guevara was one of those individuals who felt compelled to do something, anything, to make himself feel noteworthy. When he finally got what he wanted he became drunk with power, paranoid, and unpredictable. Castro wanted him as far away as possible; and hopefully dead.


Not true.

dave rimmer

Che and Fidel were the first real people to stand up against the “We want to rule and police the world Yanks” It might of been pie in the sky for him to believe he could free the world from corrupt governments but at least he tried. As the saying goes “God loves a tryer”


He was both. Do we have to pick up arms for a revolution? (Gandhi, Marthin Luther King, Bob Marley). But the ideal of freedoom was good with equal rights for everyone


I was born and for half of my life lived in a so-called communist country. In a political system based on Marxist ideas, near to Che Guevara’s dreams. 30 years ago I would have say that Che was a bloody guerilla, and his ideas and actions were unacceptable. I would have consider him as an dangerous extremist like those we’ ve had in the Solidarity movement, a warmonger. And me, I’ve always been a pacifist.Today I live in a capitalist system in the same country. And I’ve revised my opinion on Che. I feel on my own chair what does it mean to be betrayed and sold. Hasta la Victoria, siempre! Hasta siempre, Comandante!


One more thing: perhaps those who recently have turned into ashes Iraq, Libya, Syria, who killed hundreds of thousands civilians in the past 20 years, who economically sinked both Ukraine and my own country, who want to put there their war installations and soldiers, who try hard to change my beloved country in a battle field – should better keep silence about the “atrocities” committed by Che Guevara.
Hasta siempre, Comandante!


Che Guevara is popular in Iran.

Alojamiento web

The validity of the sources will be called into question and the bad things that Che actually did will be ignored. And we’ll debated about the subjectivity of what is good and bad.


He was so amazing.


He may have been a butcher or he may have been a true freedom fighter but that irrelevant for fiction inspires more than facts. For now, to the majority, he is a hero, a symbol, an inspiration. So let him be that for people who want that symbol, doesn’t really hurt anything anyways since most people just know him as freedom fighter, nothing more, nothing less


I adore Che, there will be those that hate him only because they listen to the enemy of his………..if you study his life, he was a hero!!!!!!!!!!
Viva Che!!!


Comandante, Che Guevara.
He was past his time. His intelligence was beyond for people to understand in that time.
He wasn’t bad. He just got fucked over. Badly. Now the media twist it around. Its so horrible. I hope one day everyone realizes who he was. People betrayed him. He just wanted freedom for people. He knew he’d die fighting for it but did it anyway.


Those of you who say he’s a hero are a bunch of comepingas.


Who am I to judge a man?


Don’t you all forget that the states isnt innocent either, not by a long shot, even to their own people, MK Ultra anyone? Where they kidnapped civilians and conducted experiments on them against their will with LSD and other hallucinogens? Or operation paperclip? where they granted ww2 nazi scientists and human experimentation specialists amnesty in exchange for their research? or ever heard of the fat man and little boy? look regardless if che did some fucked up shit in the past so what? so did a LOT of other people, Winston Churchill basically kicked india while it was already down, Mother Teresa was a fraudster, MLK was a womanizer. GOOD PEOPLE DO SHITTY THINGS! We remember the good in people, not the bad, thats how it should be when we talk about heroes like Che Guevara!!!

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