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Replica Che Guevara beret

Che Guevara Beret

Replica Che Guevara beret with silver star.  This is the same Basque-style beret, with a silver metal star on the front and tip on top, worn by Che. It is handmade of wool and comes in sizes small, medium, and large.  It has been made with a bit of give to it so it can be slightly stretched, if required, to fit.  This is also the same style of beret Benicio Del Toro wears in the movies, The Argentine and Guerrilla.

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Sadie Bauer

This Sequin Beret is black with silver stars. Be the trendsetter and wear this beret to any party, parade, event, concert or any situation that calls for it.

Silvia Blackburn

With the exception of the Naval Commandos whose beret emulates the British Commando beret and is worn pulled to the right with the badge worn over the left ear and the Naval Fusiliers commandos also part of the French Navy, all other French berets (Army, airforce and gendarmerie GIGN) are pulled to the left with the badge worn on the right side over the eye or the temple.

Darrell Jenkins

Beret – Black – Original Beret, Silver Star very cool beret. Had it about a month now, worn it several times, fits very well, very comfy from the get go. I”ve gotten some looks to and “Hey cool beret” from a couple people. Very happy.

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